Stupidity, Thy Name is Modesty

note: this post is for any Christians who happen to be reading my blog.


Sometimes, I think that modesty has become synonymous with stupidity in modern Christian circles. Case in point, the above infographic with instructions on how to do the “Morning Modesty Workout – Vital Exercise for a fit Christian Testimony”.

Seriously girls (and guys), anyone who tells you that wearing skirts past your knees means you are a good Christian is a fool, so don’t listen to them. Want to know what a fit Christian testimony is?

Just look at Jesus. Seriously, just look at his life, and the lives of his Mother and the Saints, and you’ll learn exactly what a fit Christian testimony is.

Here are a few ideas:

A fit Christian testimony is praying and asking God for help and guidance. A fit Christian testimony is spending time with the poor, the broken, the sick, and the prisoners. A fit Christian testimony is giving away your riches and living a life devoted to prayer. A fit Christian testimony is forgiving those who have wronged you and reaching out to those who have committed the worst of crimes. A fit Christian testimony is giving your time to help single mothers so that they can provide a secure home for their children. A fit Christian testimony is serving the victims of abuse and violence, and working towards justice, so that they can live lives free from fear and oppression. A fit Christian testimony is living your life according to the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes.

A fit Christian testimony can be many things, but it is certainly not a stupid little series of movements which ensures that you aren’t showing any skin.

Not that there is anything wrong with modesty. I have great respect for women who dress a certain way in order to express their religious beliefs. It can be difficult to be counter-cultural, and can be a great way to witness to the people around you without having to say a single word.

Did you know that it is also a tradition in Christianity for women to veil themselves? The veil above is called a Mantilla, and they are a beautiful way that Catholic women show reverence when in the presence of the Eucharist. But they are not a sufficient (or even necessary) part of a “fit Christian testimony”.

But there is so much more to being a Christian (or a Muslim, religious, etc…), and there is so much more to modesty! In fact, the definition of modesty (according to Google) is the quality of being unassuming or moderate in the estimation of one’s own abilities.

Q: What exactly does that have to do with your clothes or appearance?

A: Very little.

For some really interesting and (in my opinion) great thoughts on modesty from a Catholic perspective (since that is my own perspective due to my upbringing – and also, I happen to really like the Catholic perspective on this), check out the following series on modesty by Marc Barns of Bad Catholic:



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