Pet Peeves

Today, I am going to complain, because sometimes complaining can help you feel better. Also, venting can be fun. This is my face right now:

Now, time for some pet peeves:

  1. People who walk on the left side of the sidewalk during rush hour. There’s a reason you keep bumping into people … move to the right!
  2. When people make plans and then cancel an hour before. Seriously, I showered and shit for you and now you tell me that you’re too busy to hang out … you didn’t realize that you had other shit to do two hours ago?
  3. People who don’t signal when they are going to turn while driving. Seriously, I could have merged if you’d have let me know that you were turning sooner!
  4. People who drive 5 km under the speed limit.
  5. Professors who ask open-ended assignment questions, tell you that it is up to your own interpretation, and then take marks off when you didn’t magically know what they really meant.
  6. Lingerie advertisements.
  7. People who don’t answer e-mails.
  8. People who never go out of their way to hang out with you, and yet expect you to take time out of your busy PhD schedule to see them at the drop of hat. These are usually the same people who then cancel on you right before you make time for them.
  9. People who assume you agree with every single one of their crazy opinions, and then act shocked when you don’t. Yes, sometimes others can disagree with you. Stop being so surprised.
  10. People who constantly brag about their life and accomplishments on Facebook. Seriously, I don’t care.

So, do you have any pet peeves? What do you love to complain / bitch / rant about?


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