A Bit of Inspiration

She’s a Grown Up Now by Mollinda on deviantART

Sometimes it takes a random friend on Facebook in order for you to realize that you are capable of accomplishing your dreams. I haven’t spoken to this particular random friend in at least 5 years, and yet, she has still managed to inspire me.

Random friend was in my program in undergrad, when she unexpectedly fell pregnant. A shotgun marriage and adorable two year old later, and she finally managed to finish her degree. Fast forward a few years and two more kids, and now she’s moving across the country with her beautiful family to attend grad school.

How awesome is this lady?

I’ve always wanted to start a family while working toward my PhD (the clock is ticking guys!!), but talking to friends and family about this has been very discouraging. Having kids while in school is hard, there is no question about that, but I always thought I could handle it. There aren’t many moms in grad school though, and absolutely no moms (and hardly any women) in my program, so I started to think that maybe my dream of a family and an education just wasn’t going to work.

Enter my random friend, who clearly hasn’t let societal expectations, prejudices, or difficulties get in the way of accomplishing exactly what she wants to accomplish. I’ll be taking a leaf out of her book and going for exactly what I want out of life, difficulties and expectations be damned.

If it is in the cards (and that’s a BIG if!), then I won’t let being a student stop me from being a mom (or vice versa). And I will rock at both!


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