Jacob is Closing … And My Fashion Life Is Over

So apparently the Canadian, Quebec-based clothing retailer Jacob will be closing within the next few weeks.

I am SO sad. I seriously loved this store. Sure, they were a bit expensive, but everything was made so well – I have pieces from Jacob that I bought years ago that still look like new! I also love that none of their adds featured retouched models:

It’s so rare to find a popular, trendy store that commits to avoid retouching in both normal campaigns and campaigns that feature lingerie. Not only that, but Jacob also featured Made in Canada clothing lines, a great way for the average shopper to easily buy ethical clothing:

Seriously, how is it that all the good Canadian stores either close or are bought out by American companies?

At this rate, pretty soon I’ll be stuck buying my entire wardrobe from high-end designers. I really don’t want to pay that kind of money, so chic, cute, high-quality, relatively-cheap clothing stores … please stay open, especially if you are Canadian!! Please!!



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