Sorry for the light blogging this week guys! I’ve had a busy, fun week – lots of studying, lots of working, lots of catching up with old friends, lots of visiting family. It was really nice! Except of course, after a “high” week, lows always seem to return. Today is a bit of a “blah” day, and this particular moment in my blah day is particularly – how shall I say it? – not fun at all. Made the mistake of reading the news. Bad, bad idea. Essentially, news and a blah day are never a good mix. Thus, this is a perfect time to publish a depressing blog post …

Sometimes, all I can see is what is wrong with the world.

And there is so. much. wrong. with the world.

It’s suffocating.

War and Peace by jinzilla on deviantART

There’s a point where I get so upset, and feel so helpless, that I can hardly breathe.

It’s how I imagine claustrophobia feels.

Sometimes I try to explain it to people. My boyfriend tries to be understanding, but he’s the sort of person who just isn’t able to dwell on things. He doesn’t get it. He feels sadness, but it doesn’t interfere with his life. Sometimes, I worry that he’s a self-absorbed robot, but then I remind myself that it isn’t normal for someone to allow their life to become so paralyzed by what they can’t control.

Sure, the world is a terrible place. But maybe I can make my little corner of it just a bit better than it would have been if I wasn’t here.

That makes it all worth it, right? It’s certainly a reason to be happy … right?


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