Drum Roll Please …. Leibster Award Nomination!!

YAY! I’ve just been nominated for my very first blog award, and I am so, so grateful and humbled that someone thought highly enough of my writing to nominate my blog. It is such a great, amazing feeling to know that there are people out there who can relate to my posts. A huge thank you goes to theblackace for the nomination, and please head over to her blog and check out her writing!

Anyway, before actually writing this post, I had to google what a Leibster Award is, I’ve never heard of it before! After reading a few blog posts about this award, I have to say that I love this idea! It’s such a great way to find new blogs to read. Whoever came up with this award, major props to you!

Now onto the questions:

1. Is there a skill that you tried to learn but just couldn’t? Annoyed me so much when it happened to me.

Yup, and it really annoyed me too. My particular un-mastered skill is dancing. I was signed up for lessons when I was young and I absolutely LOVED to dance, but as I got older I found myself falling behind no matter how hard I tried to learn. Eventually, I was so sick of being in classes with little kids that I quit, even though now I regret that and wish I had stuck with it.

2. How old do you think I am? I’ll comment hot or cold on your guestimate.

Hmm…. early 20s? That is entirely a guess.

3. Do you believe in true love? It’s just interesting to know.

Yes I do! But I don’t believe in fairy-tale-Cinderella-first-look-and-know-he’s-the-one type of true love. I just believe that love can be a really great thing, and that two people can stay true to each other throughout their lifetime. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of sacrifice, and there’s a lot of growing pains I’m sure, but growing old with someone who I love is something that I have to believe in. Partially because I have so many great examples of “true love” in my life – my grandparents, who still flirt with each other after 60+ years of marriage, my own parents who spend their lives sacrificing for each other and us kids, and aunts and uncles who are still clearly in love even after 20+ years of marriage. True love exists, but it isn’t anything like how it’s described in fairy tales!

4. If you could be an animal for a day, which would it be and why? Mythical creatures allowed.

This is such a tough question … how could you ask me to pick just one animal?

If I HAVE to come up with just one answer, then I would say some sort of animal that flies. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to soar above the ground, with nothing between you and the earth except wind and dust.  I love owls, so maybe being an owl could be fun. Finches are also super cute. And robins. I just really love birds.

5. Have you ever listened to music in a language you’re not fluent in? Who was it and in what language? I listen to a fair amount of ‘foreign’ music so I’m wondering if other people do too.

I’m a few generations into an immigrant family, and I am horrible with languages, so not only do I regularly listen to music in a language that isn’t English, I am also constantly surrounded by people discussing things in a language that I only partially understand. I also LOOOOOVE Utada Hikaru!

6.What are your opinions on chemistry? I mean the subject.

Chemistry is awesome, especially when you get into quantum mechanics, but in terms of a discipline, it definitely is not for me. First year of undergrad, chemistry probably made me cry about once a week.

7. Have you ever worried people will judge you for doing something/being a certain way even though you see someone else who’s always done/been like that and no one judges them? It’s not a very clear question, but I hope you get what I mean.

Oh, I worry that people will judge me alllll the time … that is the main reason that this blog is anonymous! I have always worried that I will say/do something that misrepresents my own feelings and opinions. I don’t really care if people judge me for something that is true – for instance, I’ve always been a person with very strong ideals, so if you had opinions that directly contradicted my own, and for that reason, you felt that you couldn’t be friends with me, I would be totally okay with that. But if you didn’t want to be friends with me because you thought I was judgmental, then I would be upset, because I don’t want to be the sort of person who judges other people (actions and ideas are, in my opinion, fair game, but people should always be treated with love and respect!). I also spent a lot of time growing up wondering if, because I was a nerd and loved to read, could I also be interested in fashion and boys, or are only stupid, ditsy girls interested in those things? Because I wanted to fit into a certain “mould”, I felt there were parts of myself I had to suppress. I think a lot of kids go through that growing up, but happily, I’ve mostly managed to allow myself to grow into exactly who I want to be, stereotypes be damned, but struggling against the expectations and judgments of others is something that you can never truly escape if you want to live in a community. Such is life.

8. Do random things and people put a smile on your face or annoy you? Why? Tell me more.

Depends on my mood. If I’m having a bad day, random things/people make me even more angry, in a sort of “why won’t my life stay nice and orderly eff this world” sort of way. If I’m having a good day, random things make me think “isn’t thinks world so charming … man I am happy to be alive in such a cute, quirky place!” It’s funny how your mood can have such a huge effect on how you perceive a situation.

9. What century and decade do you think you should have been born in? It can be any time.

Definitely the 1960s/1970s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE rock, and knowing that I will never be able to see any of my favourite bands live is one of the greatest tragedies of my life.

10. If you could be absolutely anything you wanted what would you be? People please, not creatures. It can be fictional or historical though.

I would love to be one of those great thinkers of the renaissance. A polymath, someone like da Vinci, or Copernicus. The amount of knowledge and expertise they were able to obtain absolutely blows my mind. These guys were not only talented in the particular field that they are famous for, but they also contributed to fields and careers that required completely different ways of thinking. I’m not sure if it would even be possible to accomplish something like this today, given how specialized and technical academia has become.

11. If you had to support women’s rights or LGBTQ rights movement, which would you join? Both is also an answer.

The easy answer to this is “both”, but things get more complicated if you don’t happen to agree with everything the mainstream movements seem to embrace. The important thing to remember, I think, is that you don’t have to agree with everything someone else believes in order to find common ground and work towards a common goal together!


And now for 11 random facts about myself:

  1. I love to read. Love, love, LOVE to read. It is literally impossible for me to exaggerate my love of reading. Literally.
  2. I love school. I don’t want to become a “real” grown-up and find a job, because I would miss school too much.
  3. I am very afraid of failure, to the point that I won’t try something new unless I think that there is a good chance that I’ll be good at it.
  4. I loved Harry Potter growing up, and one of the main reasons was because books were finally popular in the same way that movies or TV shows are … I can’t tell you how amazing it was to find websites online like The Leaky Cauldron or Mugglenet, devoted entirely to books that I loved! It was crazy!
  5. I re-read my favourite books at least once or twice a year. When I was younger and had more time on my hands, I had whole chapters of my favourite books completely memorized.
  6. I wish hats and headscarves were in style, because I think they are the most elegant accessory ever.
  7. I decided to take all of the hard math and science courses in high school to prove to myself that I could get good grades in them.
  8. I love poker, even though I think gambling is a bad idea.
  9. I love to travel, but have never been outside of Canada and the United States.
  10. I was so shy when I was younger that, if someone new came up and said hi, I would turn around and walk away rather than say hi back. Now, I talk so much that I have to remind myself not to take over a conversation!
  11. I thought braces were super cute when I was in grade school, and wanted them so badly. I got my wish, and learned at a young age that sometimes what you wish for is not what you really want.

And now, I believe I am supposed to nominate 11 other blogs for this award. I only recently started blogging, and I definitely do not know of enough blogs with less than 200 followers to nominate anyone. At some point, once I’ve engaged int the blogging community more, I’ll properly nominate a few blogs. In the meantime, here are two very random Canadian blogs that I have found thought-provoking, so check them out if you have some time! :)

Foot Out The Door

Amanda Action

Cheers, and once more a big thank you to theblackace for the nomination! xox




4 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please …. Leibster Award Nomination!!

  1. You’re really very welcome :) I think it’s worth saying that I actually nominated you from my art blog but there’s a (different)Liebster acceptance post on both of them so it doesn’t really matter. It’s great that you put out the post so quickly! I think you forgot the 11 questions of your own though though ;) Since you took the time to answer my questions, I’ll give you full comments on it. There’s nothing I hate more than a short comment like, ‘that was really interesting, keep it up!’-TELL me what’s interesting, don’t leave it.

    Dancing is so much fun! I love it too, and I literally dance like a crazy person when in my room(guess there’s a reason they say dance like nobody’s watching) and I like to think I’m quite a good dancer-it’s really intuitive for me, you know? I took dance classes for 3 years, and singing and acting too, but that was mostly just learning different routines rather than steps or anything creative. That’s more than five years back though.

    Early 20s is kinda warm but not very much. This was probably an annoying question to ask, but I’ve been told I sound a lot older than I am so I wanted to know if people who don’t know me IRL thought that too.

    I think I probably believe in the same kind of true love you do. Someone who you can spend your whole life with and be happy, it’s a sort of profound thought.

    Haha, it didn’t have to be one, you could have given me a list of 5 or 10 if you wanted :) And a bird is a very interesting choice, I’d have chose probably a mythical creature, but still one that could fly. I think flying is great and I love looking out the window when I’m on a plane.

    Yay, I’m glad that I’m finding more people who are ok with non-English music. The name Utada Hikaru rings a bell for some reason, I’ll check him out. If you listen to general Japanese/Korean stuff, I wonder if you’ve heard of Kim Jaejoong, or CNBLUE and F.T. Island since you like rock? They both sing in Korean and Japanese. Jaejoong is mostly Korean, but his rock has a really Japanese feel to it if that makes sense.

    You know, chemistry probably is awesome, but I could never see that. I do chemistry now, and I hate it passionately. I’m not happy to hear that it made you cry that often, but I’m glad that other people find it frustrating as well. I bet those polymaths you mentioned would make a meal of it-it WOULD be great to be so capable you’re right.

    Aw, you shouldn’t have to suppress anything! If you didn’t care about fashion and boys that’s fine, I used to be totally like that, a little less now but still I’m more or less like that. Actually, I find I can fit in with the guys better because of that, take that as you will.

    I think random things cheer me up if I’m having a bad day actually, but what you said makes sense too.

    The ’60s/’70s were a great time to be around for the music scene, definitely. But I think that style of music’s coming back, actually. Which is great, cause I love it as well!

    That was more or less the answer I was expecting for the last question. But what you say sounds a good bit like humanism.

    I absolutely loved Harry Potter as well, it really did popularise reading in a way that hadn’t happened before.

    -The Ace

    • Oh no, did I do the Leibster award wrong?? lol You’ll have to explain to me how it works!!!

      And DEFINITELY check Utada Hikaru out! She’s a female Japanese/American musician and I love her to death. At least one of her songs is from a Final Fantasy soundtrack, which is how I heard of her (I don’t play video games, but my family and friends do and I heard the song and then I had to figure out who she was!). I will also check out Kim Jaejoong, CNBLUE and F.T. Island, I’ve never actually listened to rock that wasn’t from Europe or America so that will definitely be interesting!

      Funny, I actually fit in with guys more too, mostly because my program at University is almost 90% men, so I got used to them! lol Also funny, but I have huge respect for humanism, and if I ever decided to be an atheist that is probably how I would self-identify (though historically humanism wasn’t necessarily a secular movement, so I suppose I could identify as one now as well, but it might confuse people! lol)

      Anyway, thanks again :)

      • No you didn’t do it wrong as such, you kiss missed a bit :D you need to make up 11 questions for your nominees, and you’re supposed to nominate 11 people and go comment I their pages to let them know. You’ve done the rest of it.

        Sorry I mistook her for a guy, it’s just that’s Hikaru is usually a male name I think. I will definitely have a look at her music-she sounds really cool! CNBLUE sometimes sing in English but even otherwise they actually have a very foreign sound so it does sound like classic Western indie-rock and I loooove every single song of theirs XD Jaejoong is amazing though, and more full on with the rock-just listen to his album WWW and you will fall in love with both him and his voice :D and HIS English is adorable ^^ If you want check out TVXQ as well when they were 5-that’s the group he’s originally from, they seriously have the voices of angels, especially for ballads if you like that once in a while.

        Haha what course do you do? I’m in physics which is also majority guys, but there are more girls doing it these days I think. I do respect humanism as well, but I feel like there are more specific causes which are slightly more worthy if my support/attention. It’s just because humanism is a blanket term and blanket movement for EVERYONE so individual groups won’t have as much of a voice. The equality is great but that means ignoring differences-which isn’t the way to go I think. You need to acknowledge the differences and work with them and past them because ignoring them won’t make it go away anyhow.

        Whoa. Wrote a lot more than I expected to.

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