On Feeling Hot (and Summertime)

Summer time 2 by nowydudzi on deviantART

Summertime has finally arrived (sort of). The temperature is rising (and dipping, but mostly rising), the air is humid, the sun is out … and, being a student who does not own a car, walking places has now become seriously uncomfortable. And by uncomfortable, I mean I arrive at school covered in sweat, which is not fun when you have 9:00 am meetings with professors.

Cue the short shorts and t-shirts.

I’ve written about clothes before (here and here), mostly discussing my own hang-ups about my body. Nothing brings self-conscious body-issues to the forefront like warm weather and summer style.

Seriously, who feels comfortable dressing like this?

Advertisement courtesy of everyone’s favourite all-American sex-appeal clothing line.

Bless you ladies with the confidence to pull that off, but I do not have the abs to rock that look. Plus, I don’t think showing off my midriff will help portray the “I’m smart and work hard so you should trust my work” message.

So, what’s a girl who needs to keep cool to do?

Apparently finding a pair of shorts that looks good is all I need.

Short shorts are great. I hate my legs, but  I love short shorts. Not so short that my butt hangs out (I think that style is gross, though if you like that look, all the power to you … but I have to ask, how can you bring yourself to sit on anything, like buses, for example? Do you know how gross the seats on buses must be? How can you place your bare ass-cheeks on that? bleh).

Anyway, not shorty-shorts. Just short shorts. Like, just above mid-thigh shorts.

The trick to finding those is to look for styles that have folded cuffs. Buy them. Unfold the cuffs. Perfect length.


But in all seriousness, it is great to be able to find summer clothes that are appropriate, trendy, and won’t bake me alive in the heat. Finding something that makes your legs look nice is just the cherry on top.

And leads me to think that, despite not losing any of my Easter weight yet, and despite overall still disliking my legs and tummy, perhaps I’m maybe starting to work through some of those issues. I feel happy about how I’ve looked recently. And that has been such a rare feeling in my life.

I don’t know what’s bringing about this change of perspective.


A boyfriend who compliments me?

Summer weather just making me more cheerful overall?

Dumb luck?

Who knows.

But I guess I just wanted to say, it is possible for you to feel hot in the body you have now, even if you currently (or have recently) really hate(d) that body.

You can feel hot, because you are hot. And beautiful. And sexy. And whatever else you want to be.



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