Avatar is Over … cue sobbing

Legend of Korra is over. Watch the entire series if you want to see a truly epic finale. The show has some major plot problems and major disappointments, but it is still eons better than anything else on TV right now. Sadly, it will never measure up to The Last Airbender, but then, I suppose I never expected it too.

Some random thoughts …

  • If you’re going to end with Asami being the love interest of your main character, you really need to spend previous seasons developing her character more. That last scene was absolutely beautiful, but it did not pack the emotional punch it could have.
  • Milo is officially the greatest character.
  • Zhu Li is pretty great too. I just love her, and I love that they developed her character beyond a goofy assistant.
  • Korra wasn’t an annoying, pushy, angry person in the last season, so I liked this season better than the rest.
  • Kuvira’s ending was way too pat. I didn’t believe her change of heart at all.
  • Am I the only one who found Su Yin insufferably annoying?
  • What ever happened to the non-benders vs. benders story arch? I was SO excited for that in the first season. There are so many amazing ways that story arch could have gone, with so many great themes and subtexts. Racism. Ableism. Oppression of a truly weaker class, then giving that weaker class protection or power with technology, and then the resentment that would have caused in the more powerful class.  Civil war. Gah. So much awesomeness wasted for a random “joining” of the spirit world with the human world … seriously … why did that even have to happen?
  • That being said, now that the spirits entered the human world, they took over whole blocks of previously occupied human territory. Another great story arch could have been following those displaced people – how did they feel about being forced out of their homes? How could there be no human resentment towards the spirits, especially considering how much destruction the spirits caused? And that was BEFORE people realized that the spirit vines could make horrible weapons. Now that the humans know what kind of destruction can be done with spirit vines, you’d think they’d hate the spirit portals even more. Speaking of spirit vine weapons …
  • WTF! Shouldn’t you guys get rid of all the spirit vines? There will always be crazy deranged people, and some of them will be pretty smart. Someone is going to figure out how to make that spirit weapon again. World leaders, you need to get to work on protecting your people!!!
  • Wtf Korra. You are GOING ON VACATION AFTER A MAJOR WAR! The earth kingdom has a power void that I highly doubt that Earth prince can handle, and I imagine that the Earth Kingdom is not going to like other major world leaders making decisions for them prior to the establishment of a democracy. Never mind that most of the Earth kingdom is still under the power of Kuvira’s massive army. Do you really think all those soldiers are just going to shrug their shoulders and go home now that Kuvira is captured? Um, NO. Writers, I expect you to be better than this. At least make the wedding one or two years later, that way Korra going on vacation doesn’t seem so stupid. I mean, she disappeared because of her illness (and the world was thrown out of balance), and now, at a crucial time, she’s leaving again? As much change as this Avatar has accomplished, the writers sure make it seem like she sucks at her job.
  • I wanted more grown up Aang. Also, I’m sad that Korra never reestablished her connection to her past lives. Much disappointment.
  • Iroh should have had more screen time.
  • Milo is the best. Just had to say that again.

Anyway, seriously, if you’ve never watched Avatar, DO IT! These shows are awesome. The Last Airbender is still the best (after all, it has Zuko and Sokka, you can’t beat that), but there are a lot of hints of awesomeness in Legend of Korra as well. You’ll love them all. GO FORTH AND WATCH THE AMAZING!!

How cuuuute. But the entire series needed more Asami. Also, since when is she taller than Korra?


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