Sorry for the light blogging this week guys! I’ve had a busy, fun week – lots of studying, lots of working, lots of catching up with old friends, lots of visiting family. It was really nice! Except of course, after a “high” week, lows always seem to return. Today is a bit of a “blah” day, and this particular moment in my blah day is particularly – how shall I say it? – not fun at all. Made the mistake of reading the news. Bad, bad idea. Essentially, news and a blah day are never a good mix. Thus, this is a perfect time to publish a depressing blog post …

Sometimes, all I can see is what is wrong with the world.

And there is so. much. wrong. with the world.

It’s suffocating.

War and Peace by jinzilla on deviantART

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How My Atheist Boyfriend Saved My Life

I’ve had this post in the works for awhile, and today’s Daily Prompt (which asks, In your imaginary award acceptance speech (yes, we know you have one), who’s the very last — and most important — person you thank?) just proved to me that now might be the time to share it. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I was raised a Christian. I went to Church every Sunday. I prayed before meals. I thanked God for all His gifts every night. I was serious about my faith. But now, I am dating an atheist, and I couldn’t be happier. You see, my atheist boyfriend saved my life. And if I were to ever have a chance to give an acceptance speech, he is the last and most important person I would thank.

You are my everything by MurphyL6 on deviantART

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So, technology is pretty amazing

So for awhile now there’s been a video that’s been making the rounds on social media, and I never bothered clicking on it because I’ve been working with 3D printers for awhile, and as amazing as they are, the novelty has kind of worn off for me.

But this is seriously cool.

The world’s smallest 3D pen, which basically looks just like a regular pen, except you don’t need a piece of paper in order to make some pretty amazing art!

What the video and be amazed:

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Dear Liberal Party of Canada … I think we need to break up

Yes, break up. I’ve been a liberal for awhile. The liberals sort of got a beating in the last election, but I still liked them. They appeal to me, and a lot of people I think, as sort of a happy middle between the Conservatives and the NDP.

Well, they used to appeal to me.

This blog post might come off as a bit of a rant. I’ll do my best to keep my tone reasonable, but the issue I’m about to discuss is very important to me, for all sorts of philosophical and personal reasons, and I live in a community where very few people agree with me – which is fine! I LOVE when my views are challenged – but sometimes, that can get you down a bit. Today is one of those days.

So, dear reader, you must be wondering why I believe that the Liberal Party of Canada is no longer cool. It has to do with a very hot topic. A hot topic that the CBC didn’t seem capable of uttering in their newscast last night.

That’s right.


Abortion by Amelee on deviantART

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Unrequited Hope

hope by hengie on deviantART

Grace shines in the sky,
Promising spring from winter,
Bare branches remain.


This week’s haiku/tanka prompt from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie asks that “you carefully analyze an emotion within you, attribute a word to it and then let it out in the nature in the form of a haiku or tanka”. Reading through my past blog posts, I see a common theme of hope threading through my thoughts. Many times, I find that my hope is, in some ways, unrewarded. And while I do not think that hope is in any way a useless endeavour, sometimes things can still feel, well, … hopeless.

Dear World: If you ever want to cheer me up, read this

Happiness is around you by FloraWhite on deviantART

Reflecting on today’s Daily Post daily prompt made me realize that my brain might be just a little bit strange.

Ok, maybe a lot strange. Or possibly just weird.

But hey, my brain is awesome. Sure, it gives me crazy mood swings, makes me depressed over the littlest things, is terrified of change, over-analyses things, and often hates people. But it is also pretty easy to cheer my brain up. My brain is a simple animal, and reacts to certain words like a housewife reacts to jewellery … “OHHHHH SHINY”!

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