The Shopping Dilemma

Stop Hating Your Body by shattered-black-rose

So, today I finally had a day “off” (not really – I just decided that some homework didn’t need to be finished today so I took a day off from school), and I decided to trek it out to the mall. Wedding season is coming up, and I need some fancy dresses and shoes!

Unfortunately, I seemed to have gained a lil’ bit of pudge over Easter, so I looked ugly in everything. Except I probably didn’t, I just felt ugly in everything. I guess it didn’t help that my hair was a frizzy mess and I had huge dark circles.



Why is it so damn hard to love yourself, no matter now you look?

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On confidence and clothing

Fashionable by pacsaman on deviantART

I’ve had a complicated relationship with clothing for as long as I can remember.

When I was really young, I loved dresses and sparkles and princesses, just like many “normal” girls. Then I met my best friend, who was only interested in pants and trucks and climbing trees, and suddenly I hated anything that might make me look beautiful. When I hit puberty, I had outgrown this dichotomy between feminine and masculine, but I unfortunately gained a lot of weight. So, at that point in my life, despite being interested in looking fashionable, I felt that fancy clothes would accentuate my ugly body and so I purposely dressed frumpy in order to avoid attention.

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