As part of the Weekly Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction:

separated by cmbl_in_bw on deviantART

She stood still, trembling. After all they had been through together – years and years of hard work raising their three unremarkable kids, even more years of scrimping and saving every last penny for their future, and a lifetime of compromise – it had come to this.

She could hardly believe it. Who would have thought that after 30 years of marriage, someone could just leave without looking back, simple as that?

Their kids were grown, and didn’t seem particularly bothered or shocked by their father’s decision. But she had been floored. Her entire world was shattered. Everything was different.

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The Legend of Princess Margret

Candles by lottiet123

 The princess sat contentedly in her miniature throne, stuffing birthday cake into her mouth with gloved hands. Her mother, Queen Jordanna, winced every time she reached for another bite, as the princess was dressed all in white.

The King did not seem to notice of the festivities around him. His guests were drunk and loud, but he seemed worried. Perhaps he knew what was coming. King George was said to have a touch of premonition, although no one would dare to suggest such a thing in his presence.

It was after dessert served, when, suddenly, a delicate cough floated through the room. Hardly anyone noticed, such was the bustle and noise of the feast.

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