Dear World: If you ever want to cheer me up, read this

Happiness is around you by FloraWhite on deviantART

Reflecting on today’s Daily Post daily prompt made me realize that my brain might be just a little bit strange.

Ok, maybe a lot strange. Or possibly just weird.

But hey, my brain is awesome. Sure, it gives me crazy mood swings, makes me depressed over the littlest things, is terrified of change, over-analyses things, and often hates people. But it is also pretty easy to cheer my brain up. My brain is a simple animal, and reacts to certain words like a housewife reacts to jewellery … “OHHHHH SHINY”!

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On confidence and clothing

Fashionable by pacsaman on deviantART

I’ve had a complicated relationship with clothing for as long as I can remember.

When I was really young, I loved dresses and sparkles and princesses, just like many “normal” girls. Then I met my best friend, who was only interested in pants and trucks and climbing trees, and suddenly I hated anything that might make me look beautiful. When I hit puberty, I had outgrown this dichotomy between feminine and masculine, but I unfortunately gained a lot of weight. So, at that point in my life, despite being interested in looking fashionable, I felt that fancy clothes would accentuate my ugly body and so I purposely dressed frumpy in order to avoid attention.

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