Four Life Lessons I Learned from my Dad

In honour of Father’s Day, here are some life lessons my wonderful father taught me.

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When Great Expectations Are Shattered

When I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my great grandfather. He’d sit in his wheelchair, his hands shaking, his body frail and bony, and his face wrinkled and pockmarked with the trials and tribulations of life. He would squint his eyes, shake his fist, and tell me,

“Hun, if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.”

As he became older and frailer, those words became his mantra. Until one day, his health failed him for the last time and he left us, finally free of his bag of bones, blissfully moving on to his next great adventure.

It would be many years before I would fully appreciate his words.

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Another Easter, Come and Gone

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope everyone’s holiday has been as wonderful as mine.

Yes, Easter was wonderful. It was sad, and joyful, and nostalgic all at once.

It was wonderful to share the day with those I care about and to find comfort in the company of family. Some very special people were unable to be there due to health reasons, but we could feel them there in spirit.

I know that sounds silly, but sometimes you can just know that someone is with you. Love can be like that. Even through debilitating illnesses, drastically changing personalities, stress, fear, sorrow, and all that awful stuff, love just keeps you together.

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