Some Food For Thought

I haven’t been blogging as much lately due to some serious issues in my life (don’t want to go into details here, suffice to say that it has been a really difficult few weeks). I just wanted to stop in to share a few things that have given me a lot to think about recently.

thoughts by ErinBird on deviantART (read on, and I think you’ll understand why this picture perfectly represents the themes of this post)

First up, a, brilliant blog post by Marc Barnes of Bad Catholic, entitled “Women Swiftly Running Out Of Things That Aren’t Sexy“. He has managed, in a few hundred words, to portray exactly what bothers me about both the Christian Church’s treatment of women, and of the mainstream “let’s-ennoble-women-to-be-engineers-and-mathematicians!” treatment of women. Have you noticed that everything we women do revolves being told that we are sexy or hot? Our bodies are hot – skinny is hot, curvy is hot, revealing clothes are hot, modesty is hot. Not only are our choices about our bodies framed in an entirely sexual way, but now our minds are too. Our brains are sexy – reading is sexy, intelligence is sexy, math is sexy …. etcetera ad nauseam (a redundant latin statement if there ever was one). I certainly fall into this trap, and find myself wishing I am desirable far more often than is healthy. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be desirable in and of itself – but it should not be the only or even the principle reason behind working out or studying for an exam.
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Stupidity, Thy Name is Modesty

note: this post is for any Christians who happen to be reading my blog.


Sometimes, I think that modesty has become synonymous with stupidity in modern Christian circles. Case in point, the above infographic with instructions on how to do the “Morning Modesty Workout – Vital Exercise for a fit Christian Testimony”.

Seriously girls (and guys), anyone who tells you that wearing skirts past your knees means you are a good Christian is a fool, so don’t listen to them. Want to know what a fit Christian testimony is?

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