Missing Deadlines by aquasixio on deviantART

Most stressful thing ever. I don’t know how I got through over 21 years of school without having a nervous breakdown. Maybe, after so much time working towards deadlines, I’ve just reached my breaking point.

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Stress by millifrosch on deviantART

If there is one thing I’ve learned since starting my PhD, its that I have a much lower tolerance for stress than I thought. And academia sure is stressful.

The expectation that I should be an expert in something is what I find most difficult to deal with, especially since I’ve just started. Sure, no one expects me to know all the answers, but it definitely seems like I should know more answers than I do.

Then there is the constant barrage of assignments. I think back to undergrad and I wonder, how in the hell did I deal with 5 whole courses at once, when I can barely seem to manage to drag myself through 1?

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